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Atsu Fawx (pronounced aht-soo faw-kes) is a fursuiter, dancer, choreographer and teacher. His first winning performance was at the 2012 Anthrocon Dance Competition. After which he continued to perform at three other conventions with seven placing performances. Most notably, performing with the crew Furternity. The group Furternity, created back in late 2012 with the assistance of fellow fursuiter Ikato, has now grown to include eight members: Trenton, Finn, Sadarius Wolf, Skye, Flipsta, Ikato and Blue Thunder/Chaz. Their dances have been seen live at various conventions throughout the years, as well as on his personal Youtube channel. Atsu Fawx gathers inspiration from the current age dance scene and aims to take what he can from the trending artists to share with the rest of the furry fandom through teaching panels, battle events, and his own performances.