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Sabretoothed Ermine (Ermine for short) has been a furry her whole life, though of course she didn't know it for most of that time. From the time she could hold a pencil, she has been happily drawing cartoon animals and fantasy creatures at every opportunity. At the age of 16 she found the online furry fandom, began posting her own furry art, and after a while started taking commissions. Ermine loves the friendly furry community, the boundless creativity within it, and of course all the wonderful artwork. She has now been doing furry art as her full-time job for eight years, but despite that, art is still her main hobby and passion too, and probably always will be. Ermine is happily married and lives in beautiful British Columbia. She loves romping on the beach, Terry Pratchett, dancing to drum 'n bass, food and drink, BBC nature documentaries, and hilltops on really windy days.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, December 5

12:00pm CST

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Saturday, December 6

10:30am CST

Sunday, December 7

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